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Here at New England Orthodontic Specialists, Drs Diana and Neil provide top-notch orthodontic treatments, flexible scheduling and availability, and flexible payment options. So, if you’re searching for a top orthodontist in Essex, MA, you’ve found them! Plus, patients of all ages, from children to adults, can receive treatment at our practice.

In order to make your treatment as convenient as possible, we provide virtual consultations and visits for any appointments that don’t need in-person contact in addition to our regular business hours. For patients trying to squeeze more time out of their hectic schedules, this has been of massive assistance.

We believe that everyone should be able to afford orthodontic treatment. As such, we have made every effort to do so. This translates to low down payments, adaptable payment schedules, and a wide range of approved insurance options.

Top Rated Essex Orthodontics Office

As a leading orthodontics office in Essex, MA, we provide a variety of treatment options, including two-phase treatment, braces, and Invisalign. With these services, we hope to assist you and your entire family with the quality orthodontic care that you deserve.

You can count on New England Orthodontic Specialists to provide you with pleasant, effective, and timely treatment. That’s not only because of the premier selection of state-of-the-art orthodontic technology our practice is equipped with but also thanks to the vast experience of each member of our team and, of course, Drs Diana and Neil. For example, our first-class 3D digital scanning technology—under the trained hand of our orthodontists—allows us to take exact measurements of your jaw and teeth to ensure that your Invisalign aligners fit just right.

So, call us to schedule a consultation if you’d like more information about our orthodontic treatments in Essex, MA.

Orthodontic Services We Offer

For individuals of all ages, we offer two exceptional treatments to address misaligned teeth as well as more serious orthodontic problems:

  • Braces: Braces are an excellent choice for addressing bites and teeth that are not aligned properly in the mouth. Ceramic and classic metal braces are both available from New England Orthodontic Specialists.
  • Invisalign: The treatment of malocclusions with Invisalign involves the use of comfortable, transparent aligners. If you are looking for a more inconspicuous alternative to treatment with traditional braces, Invisalign is the way to go.

In the event that you are interested in receiving one of our orthodontic treatments in Essex, MA, please reach out to Drs Diana and Neil right away to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Invisalign Provider in Essex, MA

Invisalign Provider In Essex, MA

For straighter teeth, Invisalign has become a very favored substitute for conventional braces. Their many benefits to individuals of all ages are widely acknowledged across the board.

One of the key benefits is that they are simple to take out, so patients can continue to smile, eat their favorite meals, and practice good dental hygiene with ease. It also means that there are no special dietary restrictions or appliance precautions to take when brushing. Furthermore, because of the smooth thermoplastic material that Invisalign is made of, it is comfortable on the gums and cheeks as you undergo treatment.

In order to schedule your complimentary Invisalign consultation in Essex, MA, please call us at your earliest convenience.

Braces in Essex, MA

Braces In Essex, MA

For almost a century, braces have been a dependable option for orthodontic treatment. That’s because braces are often the best option for treatment for a variety of moderate to severe orthodontic issues. They are effective in treating problems including crossbite, underbite, and overbite.

Additionally, they work well for patients of all ages. So, contact our orthodontic office in Essex, MA, to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn more about the benefits of our braces treatment.

Types Of Braces We Provide

Traditional Metal

Traditional metal braces, constructed from orthodontic-grade stainless steel, are our most popular treatment option. With these, an orthodontic glue is used to connect brackets to the front of your teeth. Then, an archwire is placed over the brackets to progressively shift your teeth into place.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces work similarly to conventional metal braces, except they use transparent or tooth-colored brackets instead of metal ones. This makes it possible for them to blend in with your teeth more naturally, providing you with straighter teeth with a discrete but highly effective treatment.

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We have made every effort to keep our professional orthodontic treatments as reasonably priced as possible because we believe that orthodontic treatment is a necessary service that everyone should have access to. In order to make each patient feel supported and motivated to achieve their best oral health, we also carry a pleasant and upbeat attitude during every appointment.

So, get in touch with our office to schedule a complimentary consultation and begin receiving one of our highly recommended orthodontic treatments in Essex, MA.