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Have you been maintaining proper oral hygiene as of late? Our team here at New England Orthodontic Specialists considers healthy teeth and gums to be an often unspoken yet essential component of a joyful and healthy overall life. As your dependable orthodontist in Gloucester, MA, it is our mission—and the mission of our esteemed orthodontists, Dr. Diana and Dr. Neil—to assist each patient in our community in attaining optimal health by providing orthodontic care of the highest caliber.

Our team is committed to providing a curated assortment of affordable and immensely effective orthodontic treatments that can assist you and your loved ones in achieving adequately aligned smiles. Additionally, we strive to ensure that collaborating with our team is effortless and free of any unnecessary stress. That’s why we provide virtual consultations and visits in order to ensure that you consistently receive the prompt care that you deserve.

Top Rated Gloucester Orthodontics Office

We are privileged to be regarded as one of the most reputable orthodontic practices in Gloucester. This respect is due to the fact that we approach each treatment we manage with the utmost commitment to orthodontic excellence. Our patients receive an exceptional quality of care from Dr. Diana and Dr. Neil, both of whom are highly qualified orthodontists, all within the welcoming and comfortable environment of our office. Even more, we have been voted Boston’s Best for four consecutive years.

Additionally, the New England Orthodontic Specialists team takes great pride in utilizing some of the most cutting-edge and sophisticated orthodontic technology presently available for treatment. This, coupled with the immense skill and experience of each team member, guarantees that we have the capability to assist you regardless of the severity of your misalignment or malocclusion.

Orthodontic Services We Offer

We strive to deliver first-class orthodontic care that ensures the best possible outcomes and your continued comfort and confidence throughout treatment. Dr. Diana and Dr. Neil are proud to offer braces and Invisalign clear aligner treatment for patients of all ages. So, whether your child has shown early signs of malocclusion development or you have a tooth misalignment issue that you’d like to correct, we can help.

Invisalign Provider in Gloucester, MA

Invisalign in Gloucester

When folks in the Gloucester area determine they would be a good candidate for Invisalign, they visit us here at New England Orthodontic Specialists. As Platinum Plus Invisalign Providers, we can ensure that you have an exceptional experience and emerge with breathtaking results at the conclusion of your treatment.

Invisalign is an exceptionally original orthodontic treatment that incrementally realigns a patient’s teeth through the use of an ongoing series of clear aligners. Our transparent aligners are specifically tailored to your orthodontic requirements thanks to our in-house 3D scanning and imaging technology. As such, the Invisalign treatment has been proven to be as effective and efficient as possible.

So, why try Invisalign? When worn, the thermoplastic material they are constructed from is pleasant against the gums. Similarly, the aligners are easily removable to accommodate activities such as brushing your teeth, drinking, and eating. Furthermore, they are virtually invisible when worn, as their name suggests, which makes them a popular choice among numerous patients.

Braces in Gloucester, MA

Braces in Gloucester

Contemporary braces are also available at our office in Gloucester. This fundamental treatment has been repeatedly demonstrated to be an excellent remedy for malocclusions and misalignments of virtually any severity. New England Orthodontic Specialists will address any issue that arises, from minor misalignments to severe overcrowding and problematic bite issues.

Braces gradually realign your teeth into their ideal position, employing brackets, bands, and archwires that are more streamlined, stylish, and effective than ever. Additionally, our assortment of two exceptional brace designs promises that you will discover the ideal one that suits your needs.

Types of Braces We Provide

New England Orthodontic Specialists provides two excellent options for braces treatment: classic metal and clear ceramic.

Our traditional metal braces are the preferred treatment method for many patients. Their sturdy stainless steel construction ensures resistance to damage and enables them to address even the most disruptive malocclusions effectively. In general, conventional metal is the most cost-effective choice of braces.

Our clear ceramic braces are another exceptional option for braces that an increasing number of individuals are deciding to choose. A substantial portion of these braces is composed of a transparent, ceramic material that blends considerably with the natural color of your teeth. This, as you might expect, significantly increases the treatment’s discretion. And best of all, they’re just as effective at correcting misalignments as our traditional metal braces.

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Be sure to visit us during our standard business hours if you want top-quality orthodontic care with New England Orthodontic Specialists as your orthodontist in Gloucester, MA. Alternatively, to schedule your complimentary consultation, you can connect with us via our online form or phone (call or text) at 978-922-3462.