Why Choose A Board-Certified Orthodontist?

Orthodontic treatment is widely considered to be an important, even vital part of modern dentistry. Unfortunately, most of us are not born with a perfectly straight smile or properly aligned bite. To correct these issues, many people undergo orthodontic treatment at some point in their lives.

These days, many general dentists offer some type of orthodontia. Most of them, however, do not possess the same training or expertise as a board-certified orthodontist. We here at New England Orthodontic Specialists specialize solely in orthodontics, providing the best in innovative and state of the art orthodontic treatment.

What is a Board-Certified Orthodontist?

A board-certified orthodontist is an orthodontist who has gone through additional practical and oral examination to demonstrate their skill, knowledge, and expertise to the American Board of Orthodontics. Presenting their cases before the American Board of Orthodontics, these orthodontists spend hundreds of hours preparing for this examination to prove they are experts in their field. This is a voluntary credential and demonstrates a personal and public commitment to the profession. Not all orthodontists are board certified. It is a level of mastery only obtained by 33% of orthodontists. For more information, please visit www.americanboardortho.com.

Board-Certified Orthodontist vs. General Dentist

While there is some instruction on orthodontics in dental school, it is very minimal. Orthodontists receive intensive instruction on safe and effective tooth movement, and also become experts on jaw and facial development. General dentists that offer orthodontic treatment may only be able to correct minor concerns.

Board Certified Orthodontist shaking their patient's handChoosing a board-certified orthodontist is an important consideration when choosing an orthodontist for yourself or your child. At New England Orthodontic Specialists, we are committed to the highest level of patient care, from initial consultation to the final checkup appointment!

Be sure to ask questions and voice concerns during your first appointment. We are happy to provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision. If you are searching for a board-certified orthodontist, you have come to the right place!

Your new smile starts here

Board certified orthodontists are experienced in correcting all types of orthodontic issues, especially when it comes to children. Early orthodontic treatment can ensure your child maintains a lifetime of healthy, beautiful teeth.

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