When to Start Treatment?

At New England Orthodontic Specialists, we believe that patient education is the foundation of good oral health. The following information is designed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is the best age to begin orthodontic treatment?

Healthy teeth can be moved at any age. While both children and adults can benefit from orthodontics, children typically have the most to gain. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an initial consultation around seven years of age. This is all about early detection. . .don’t worry, your seven year old won’t be wearing braces.

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Usually at this first check-up, your child will have a mix of baby and adult teeth. Most children don’t need braces until all their adult teeth come in, but there are some exceptions. Only a few orthodontic problems need correction while the baby teeth are still present. Usually, this appointment is just a check-up and we take a wait and see what happens approach. We may do x- rays to see how the permanent teeth might come in, which will help determine if interceptive orthodontics is the right choice for your child. Regardless of whether treatment is necessary at this time, our doctors will continue to watch your child’s growth and development to make sure nothing is missed along the way.

Our orthodontists are trained to know the different bite patterns and jaw problems that your child may face and can point you in the right direction when seeking treatment for your child. Here at New England Orthodontic Specialists, our trained dental staff can give you information and help you decided if and when orthodontic treatment would be appropriate for your child.


By age 11-13, your child will usually have all their permanent teeth. This is the best time to begin orthodontic treatment in most cases. We offer clear and metal braces, as well as Invisalign Teen.

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Adult Treatment

Maybe you never had braces as a child and are embarrassed of your smile. Maybe you stopped wearing your retainer after you had braces as a teen. Maybe your bite just doesn’t feel quite right. We think it’s always the right time to do something for yourself and starting with improving your smile or bite is a great place to start. After your initial consultation, our doctors will discuss what treatment will be best for you. We always consider comfort, aesthetics, and time when we provide treatment options for our adult patients.

Who needs orthodontic treatment?

During your initial consultation, we will be able to determine if you or your child needs orthodontic treatment. Misaligned teeth can affect your oral and periodontal health and result in many secondary complications. We typically recommend orthodontic treatment to correct:
•  Crowded teeth
•  Protruding upper or lower teeth
•  Crooked teeth
•  Spacing or gapped teeth
•  Malocclusions (overbites, underbites, open bites, crossbites)

It’s more than just straight teeth

While an attractive smile can do wonders for your self-confidence, misaligned teeth and an incorrect bite may affect more than just the appearance of your smile. The following conditions may potentially be corrected by orthodontics:
•  Speech impediments
•  jaw or TMJ pain
•  difficulty chewing and eating
•  sleep apnea caused by mouth breathing and snoring
•  grinding or clenching of the teeth
•  Gum disease and tooth decay - crowded or crooked teeth are much more difficult to clean for both you and your dental hygienist

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We can help you love your smile

If you are looking for exceptional orthodontic care for yourself or your child, you have come to the right place. Our use of cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques allow us to provide optimal results. Our promise to you is to ensure your personalized care is the safest, most comfortable, and most effective treatment available today.

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