Pre-restorative Orthodontics

Man smiling with crooked teeth.Are you considering getting an implant or veneers? Then pre-restorative orthodontic treatment may be just the thing for you. Involving close teamwork, this type of orthodontic care treats conditions where teeth must first be repositioned in order to create a better outcome for crowns, bridges, implants, removable dentures, or other prosthesis. At New England Orthodontic Specialists, we’re here to ensure that your teeth are placed just right to deliver the best long-term function and esthetic for that bright, healthy smile of your dreams. Investing this small amount of time into altering the placement of your teeth can not only save you potentially thousands of dollars in dental bills but will also bring higher quality results than what would otherwise be possible in the same procedure.

If you or a loved one are considering pre-restorative orthodontic treatment and have any questions, concerns, or wish to schedule an appointment to discuss your options with Diana Esshaki, DMD, MS or Neil Flückiger, DMD, please call us today at (978) 922-3462.

Why Should I Get Pre-restorative Orthodontic Treatment?

Before any restorative or reconstructive procedure can be done to build a healthy, long-lasting smile, we must first have a solid foundation. More often than not, a crown, implant, or bridge cannot be properly positioned until your surrounding teeth are better positioned first. If a patient’s teeth are too crooked, misaligned or suffering from crowding, then any placement of a dental restoration may be compromised. An ineffectively aligned bite could also affect your restoration or prosthetic’s functionality, increasing, risk of premature wear, and damage.

What is the Process of Pre-restorative Orthodontic Treatment?

The key to pre-restorative orthodontic care is cooperation to create a comprehensive plan for improving your smile. Following your initial consultation, Diana Esshaki, DMD, MS or Neil Flückiger, DMD will discuss a treatment plan tailored to your specific case in order to keep track of all your future orthodontic procedures. A second meeting will then cover expectations, potential risks, and lining up schedules to ensure that the goals for your new smile are effectively fulfilled before starting actual treatment.

Braces or clear aligners to to stabilize your mouth and reserve room for replacement teeth. Temporary prosthetics may also be employed to help your smile keep in top shape throughout treatment. Once finished, retainers will be provided to protect your investment.

What Are the Benefits of Pre-restorative Orthodontic Treatment?

•  As previously said, your jaws and teeth will be put into their most ideal position before any restoration procedure is actually performed. This will ensure maximum effectiveness in the end-result. By improving the positioning of your teeth, better quality restorations may be provided.
•  More conservative treatment, often reaching your smile’s desired goals without the need for orthodontic surgery.
•  Treatment time is reduced.
•  Significantly improved aesthetics as well as better tooth and periodontal (gum) health.

Remember, the first step in preparing for restorative, orthodontic treatment is cooperation. For any questions you have about pre-restorative orthodontic care or to set up an appointment with Diana Esshaki, DMD, MS and Neil Flückiger, DMD, call New England Orthodontic Specialists today at (978) 922-3462.


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